Monday, 13 June 2022

12th June 2022


A Quail first found on Friday gave some fabulous views on the golf course this morning whilst singing. Picture and a short video below. Apologies for the background noise, that's my dog chewing a golf ball, there was also a Hobby and a small passage of 21 Swifts.

Recent sightings have included a Cuckoo on 10th June, Golden Oriole and 3 Hawfinches on 5th June, Bee-eater on 4th Jun, Honey Buzzard and 4 Crossbills on 3rd June and 8 Bee-eaters first seen on 22nd May which were briefly in the area again on 25th May.

Quail Bockhill 12th June 2022

Saturday, 21 May 2022

21st May 2022

This morning Simon and I met Richard in the Paddock  and as we approached Amy's Field we saw a Red-Rumped Swallow on the telephone wires. It flew around for a minute or so but very quickly moved off towards St Margarets where it was seen and photographed later.

After the Swallow disappeared very little of note was seen apart from eleven species of butterfly which included our first Painted Lady.

Richard, Simon, Jack.

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

16th April 2022

The few Whitethroats and Chiffchaffs present since yesterday were joined by a Wheatear on the clifftop and a beautiful male White Wagtail in Amy's Field. Apart from these we saw a Red Kite fly N and heard the Hume's Warbler in the Freedown.

Richard, Jack

Friday, 15 April 2022

15th April 2022

Warbler numbers have increased to 26 with nine Whitethroats, eight Blackcaps, seven Chiffchaffs and two Willow Warblers. Overhead we had birds moving in a W to NW direction and included eight Buzzards, five Yellow Wagtails, two Water Pipits and a small trickle of Swallows. Of note around the area were two Ring Ouzels, a Raven and a pair of Kestrels.

A butterfly transect produced 15 butterflies of seven species.

Jay, Phil, Richard, Jack.


Wednesday, 13 April 2022

13th April 2022

Migrants are gradually increasing and today we had several Swallows, a Black Redstart, four Ring Ouzels, four Whitethroats, 14 Blackcaps and two Willow Warblers.

Also of note was a Golden Plover calling around the area and two crows that constantly harassed one of the local Ravens and even knocked it to the ground on one occassion.

Phil, Jack.

Sunday, 10 April 2022

10th April 2022

On another cold but pleasant day we had a few more summer migrants and around the area we saw four Swallows, two Black Redstarts, five Blackcaps, eight Chiffchaffs and two Willow Warblers.

The Hume's Warbler is still present in the Freedown.

Also had two male Brimstone Butterflies and several Dotted Bee-flies.

Heather, Nigel, Phil, Richard, Jack.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

9th April 2022

On a very sunny, but cold, day we covered most of the area and had six Sparrowhawks, a Red Kite, up to 18 Buzzards and two Ravens overhead.

 Grounded birds were five Blackcaps, seven Chiffchaffs and our 'resident' Hume's Warbler, but stars of the day were two Water Pipits on the dung heap near the Gun Emplacement.

Phil, Richard, Simon, Jack,

Friday, 8 April 2022

8th April 2022

Absolutely no birds apart from our first Swallow over the Freedown and a Little Owl heard calling.

Phil. Richard, Jack.

7th April 2022

The Hume's Warbler, still present, is joined by our first Willow Warbler of the year. 


5th April 2022

A quick seawatch in the Bay produced six Red-throated Divers, a Black-throated Diver and a Common Scoter all flying upchannel.

In the area, moving NE, were five Stock Doves, a Fieldfare and four Bramblings, whilst moving NW over Tony's garden was a Red Kite. 

Phil, Tony, Jack.

Saturday, 26 March 2022

26th March 2022

 Between 07:00 -10:00 birds were moving overhead in a NE direction and we counted 13 Alba Wagtails, one White and 1 Grey Wagtail, 10 Goldfinches, six Bramblings, 213 Siskins, 1339 Chaffinches and 20 Crossbills. We also had four Sparrowhawks and three Red Kites moving NW.

Elsewhere around the area was a Little Owl, two Ravens, a Black Redstart, two Blackcaps, seven Chiffchaffs and the long staying Hume's Warbler

Gerald, Nigel, Richard, Jack.

Saturday, 19 March 2022

19th March 2022

In a cold easterly wind there was a small overhead movement of 67 Starlings, 18 Chaffinches and 15 Siskins. Other than that there was a Stonechat at Hope Point and the Hume's Warbler was still in the Wood.

Nigel, Richard, Jack.

Saturday, 12 March 2022

12th March 2022

 On a pleasant breezy day there was a movement overhead of 180 Chaffinches, 48 Siskins, a Brambling, two White Wagtails, one Grey Wagtail and 75 Starlings. Other notable birds in the area were four adult Ravens in off the sea, a Chiffchaff and the Hume's Warbler still in the Farm Wood.

A short seawatch produced four Red-throated Divers, one Black-throated Diver and 79 Brent Geese moving up channel. Down channel we had a Red-breasted Merganser, a Shag and a trickle of Kittiwakes.

Gerald, Nigel, Richard, Jack.