Thursday, 19 October 2017

19th October 2017 (Part 2)

In the first 10 years of Bockhill birding, Radde's Warblers seemed to be fairly regular with six records during that period. However sightings dried up and there have been no records since 2005.  So finding one in the Farm Wood was a welcome return for this Bockhill specialty. Jack, Nigel and Richard were able to get there fairly quickly to enjoy some untypically good views for a Radde's. After doing the circuit to Hope Point I returned early afternoon and heard it again a few times. Others  (Dave Brown et al) apparently saw it again later.

Other than this bit of excitement, it was very quiet. Yesterday's easterlies seem to have had their usual effect and cleared things out. Chiffchaffs were down to just three, (plus seven more seen by Richard in the Oldstairs area), three Firecrests were seen along with 23 Goldcrests, two Swallows, 20+ Song Thrushes, three Reed Buntings and four Stonechats. A Black Redstart was seen by @SeaWatcher_Deal (via twitter)

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